Arthritis Physiotherapy Treatment in Newmarket

An ideal way to manage arthritis pain is to participate in physiotherapy as it helps improve your flexibility, strength and mobility and can also help patients maintain their independence. In addition, when physiotherapy for arthritis is used in conjunction with the right type of medication it can typically help reduce pain. At Spectrum Physiotherapy of Newmarket, we have a thorough understanding of the hum

an body and movement and can help minimize arthritic pain while increasing your range of movement. This can be achieved via a range of physiotherapy techniques such as exercise programs, massage, acupuncture, hydrotherapy, and electrotherapy via (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation)TENS machines.

Exercise and arthritis

Our team of knowledgeable physiotherapists will be able to discuss and diagnose your condition and come up with a beneficial and personalized exercise program for you to follow. You’ll be able to perform these exercises at home and/or the office and they will help to rebuild your muscle and joint flexibility and strength. It’s essential to keep up with an exercise program if you suffer from arthritis since it will help increase your range of mobility.

Before devising an exercise program a Spectrum physiotherapist will examine and assess your muscles, movement, and posture among other things and will ask which types of activities usually cause you pain. This will allow them to design a personalized arthritis treatment program and advise you which specific methods will be the most beneficial for your unique condition.

Types of physiotherapy treatment

Thermal treatments are basically heat related and they produce heat within the body’s tissues. Typical methods include heat pads, was baths, infra-red radiation, shortwave diathermy and microwave diathermy.

Electrical treatments are known as electrotherapy and these are designed to stimulate your body tissues via electrical stimulation. These methods are often an effective way to treat both chronic and acute cases of arthritis and are designed to alleviate swelling, muscle spasms, and pain.

Physical treatments can consist of traction, ice therapy, and ultrasonic sound waves and are a good way to reduce stiffness and pain. In addition controlled exercise can help preserve or improve your joint movement and function.

Manual therapy consists of mobilization and manipulation techniques which are applied to your soft tissue or joints by our therapists. These methods help you regain full movement to joints that have become restricted and painful. Manual therapy is commonly used to help treat chronic arthritis and it is typically useful when other types of treatment don’t have the desired results.

Hydrotherapy allows patients to exercise in a warm-water pool and joint movement is resisted or assisted with the buoyancy of the water. The heat of the water also helps to increases your circulation and help to minimize muscle spasms. The end result is better movement, increased joint mobility and muscle strength along with improved general fitness.

Our team of therapists at Spectrum Physiotherapy of Newmarket will also let you know if any type of equipment is needed for your specific condition, such as splints, walking frames, wheelchairs or crutches. Our goal is to help you carry on with your daily routine in a pain-free manner. Contact us today to get started with your arthritis treatment.