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Can Physiotherapy Help With Nerve Pain?

There are numerous types of nerve pain with the most common being pins and needles, numbness and Sciatica. The condition typically affects the legs, hands, feet, arms and face and is often caused by pressure, lacerations and/or stretching. In general, if you’re suffering from a form of nerve pain the symptoms could include tingling/prickling, sensitivity, pain, throbbing, aching, stabbing, burning and weakness. When suffering from peripheral nerve damage it’s commonly known as peripheral neuropathy.


The 3 Major Types of Nerve Injuries

There are three major types of nerve injuries which are Neuropraxia, Axonotmesis and Neurotmesis. With Neuropraxia, it results when nerve conduction is blocked, but the nerve remains intact. In Axonotmesis it means the internal nerve is damaged, but the outer nerve is fine. Neurotmesis is the most serious type of nerve condition as it occurs when the nerve is ruptured.

In some cases the nerve can recover, but if it is lacerated then it may result in permanent damage. Since nerves in adults can grow approximately an inch every four weeks they often compress and cause pain in the spine. When suffering from nerve pain it’s recommended to visit a doctor for a professional evaluation. If the condition is confirmed it can be effectively treated through various physiotherapy techniques.


How Physiotherapy Can Help With Nerve Pain

At Spectrum Physiotherapy of Newmarket, our aim is to help restore function and movement to the affected areas. This can be achieved through a number of methods and exercises which can be performed at our clinic and/or at home. These methods include manual therapy, TENS (electronic stimulation), ultrasound, acupuncture, orthotics, braces, exercise and stretching, and vestibular physiotherapy etc.

Our professional team of physiotherapists will help you maintain your muscle strength as well as improve your coordination, balance and gait when suffering from nerve pain. Specific body exercises can be performed to help relieve the pain and strengthen your muscles as you regain range of motion. In addition, ultrasound treatment is often used as a way to stimulate circulation in the muscle tissues as it can effectively speed up the recovery and healing time.

We will be able to identify the origin and cause of your nerve damage through initial testing and determine what your functional levels are. Things we look for include pain, range of motion, muscular weakness and balance impairments. After the testing and diagnosis, we will be able to design a therapy program that is suited to your specific condition and needs.

The emphasis of the therapy techniques is to remove pressure from the affected areas. This can be done by restoring normal movement to the joints and soft tissues. Circulation is improved while the nerves are stimulated and this helps restore normal function while reducing pain.

If the surrounding muscles are constricting a nerve it is typically known as a pinched nerve. This often occurs in the neck area and can be caused by bad posture. In these instances, our physiotherapists will help you with proper posture and prescribe exercises to relieve the pain.

If the nerve has too much pressure on it then it’s known as nerve compression or a compressed nerve. This can be the result of enlarged blood vessels, herniated discs and/or spinal injuries. In this case, the nerve’s root is compressed and it can lead to a reduced feeling of sensation and in serious instances even paralysis. Some of the common symptoms include slurred speech, muscle weakness and difficulty in moving.

One way to treat this condition is to place pressure on specific areas of the body to help alleviate the pressure on the nerves. Nerve-gliding techniques can also be used to help the nerves bend more easily. If you’re suffering from damaged nerve endings then massage therapy may be the best answer since it will help increase your blood circulation and heal the nerve. In addition, massage therapy can help reduce the pain by releasing endorphins in your body.


About Spectrum Physiotherapy

Spectrum Physiotherapy is a Physiotherapy clinic located in Newmarket, Ontario.  We specialize in advanced physiotherapy treatment for nerve related injuries and illnesses. For more information on the different types of nerve damage and how therapy can help remedy the situation please feel free to contact us today to learn more about our clinic.