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Can Physiotherapy Help with Arthritis?

Thankfully, people who suffer from arthritis can be treated and find pain relief through various forms of therapy. Since physiotherapists are specially trained in the diagnosis and treatment of joint and muscle ailments, they are able to help most patients with arthritic problems.

At Spectrum Physiotherapy, our team of professionals will discuss your medical history and examine the areas of the body which are giving you pain. The assessment will then allow us to come up with an effective treatment plan for your personal needs.

Managing Arthritis Pain

It’s easier to manage arthritis pain if you understand how and why it affects your muscles and joints. The pain be may centralized in one particular part of the body and it could also affect more than just one area. Since there are several types of arthritis there are several types of physiotherapy which can treat it and help you return to your normal daily routine as soon as possible.

These may include stretching, exercises, ice packs/heat, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation machines (TENS), acupuncture, manipulation, taping, braces, splints, shoe inserts, walking aids and manual therapy.

Ice packs are often used to help soothe the swollen joints while heat packs are ideal for relaxing the tired and tense muscles. In some instances, temporary splints are used on the joints if you suffer from an attack of rheumatoid arthritis. TENS machines can be effective since they send electronic pulses to the endings of your nerves to neutralize the pain signal.

Physiotherapy for Arthritis

Physical massage is good for helping relax the stiff muscles and making the movement of the joints much more comfortable. Hydrotherapy pools are also ideal for some arthritis sufferers since exercises can be performed in warm water where it’s generally easier to move. You weight is supported by the water and the heat soothes the joints and muscles.

The type of treatment each patient will receive depends on their unique condition. We will also advise you on what is causing the pain and what specific actions may be increasing it. It’s important that you don’t overdo some types of physical activity, but it’s just as important that you don’t sit idle. Your therapist will be able to find the perfect balance between activity and rest to help treat your condition.

In general, physical exercise will begin slowly and gradually increase along the way. This will enable your joints and muscles to strengthen at a gradual pace and will also improve your stamina and overall fitness level. You will be able to increase your level of activity without an increase in arthritic aches and pains. In addition, exercising will also help reduce the pain as it stimulates your body’s production of endorphins, which are pain-relieving hormones.

It’s essential to stay active to a certain degree if you have arthritis since your body’s joints were designed for movement and the surrounding tissues and muscles will typically become weaker if they aren’t put to use. If this happens, the joints could become unstable which in turn will affect your mobility. Once your muscles strengthen and the range of movement returns to your joints you will be able to enjoy and perform more of your regular daily activities.

Our physiotherapists at Spectrum Physiotherapy will be able to help restore the mobility and strength of the affected joints as well as maintain your fitness at the same time. We provide physiotherapy in Newmarket and the surrounding area for Arthritis as well as other chronic medical conditions.Each individualized treatment plan is designed to improve flexibility, balance and coordination. For more information on physiotherapy for arthritis please feel free to contact us at your convenience.

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