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Physiotherapy for Scar Tissue Buildup

One of the most effective ways of breaking down scar tissue is through physiotherapy, particularly via massage therapy. Scar tissue consists of connective fibrous tissues known as collagen fibres. The primary function of these tissues is to repair the body’s damaged fibres ,but since they want to do it as quickly as possible it can result in scarring.

The elasticity of scar tissue is restrictive since it’s smaller than the muscular tissues in the body and this can result in pain. At Spectrum Physiotherapy of Newmarket, our experienced massage therapists will be able to help decrease the pain and increase the range of movement by using massage to break down scar tissue.

The most common types of massage for breaking down and treating scar tissue are deep-tissue, remedial, and sports massage. Sports massage concentrates on the body’s soft tissues. The scar tissue’s temperature is increased during massage and this helps to loosen it, making it easier to break down. This will lead to relaxation and less pain.

With a deep-tissue massage, the firm, deep pressure affects the tissues and muscle fibres and breaks down collagen fibres and adhesions which have been caused by scar tissue. Adhesions are known to increase pain, restrict movement and increase stress and deep-tissue massage helps to relieve these ailments.

Other types of physiotherapy such as trigger pointing, frictions, and acupressure can also help break down scar tissue. Acupressure consists of using the thumbs and fingertips to apply trigger points and pressure to certain parts of the body. The pressure restricts blood flow to these areas and the blood flow will increase with the release of pressure. Scar tissue can be broken down and softened with the application of pressure and when its’ released the rise in the flow of blood can help improve the conditions of the muscles and repair damage.

Frictions also involve the act of applying pressure to muscle fibres with the thumbs and/or fingertips. This method is applied to dry skin to help break down collagen fibres which are formed by scar tissue. The muscle” temperature is increased to break down and loosen the fibres. In trigger pointing, trigger points have pressure applied to them to create a numbing sensation where muscles and nerves meet. This also helps increase your blood flow to help repair any damaged tissues.

Scar tissue is common following surgery as it builds up as a way of helping repair muscle tissues and fibres that have been damaged. It’s also commonly caused by injuries and burns and can affect people psychologically as well as physically. It typically has a psychological affect since scar tissue tends to have a different colour than the shade of normal skin, making its appearance more visible and noticeable.

The tissue can be broken down though through increased oxygenation and temperature as it helps to realign the shape of collagen fibres as they become more flexible because of increased elasticity.

Scars aren’t always visible to the naked eye as they can form from injuries such as pulling and spraining muscles. The fibres may be torn but scarring can’t be seen since it’s covered by your skin.

Since scar tissue can lead to tension, pain, immobility, stress, dysfunction, and restrict your circulation you may want to consider physiotherapy as a way to treat it.

At Spectrum Physiotherapy, we will help break down scar tissue through massaging, strengthening, exercising and stretching the affected areas. Circulation can be promoted with the right amount of tension and painful areas can be desensitized. If you are interested in physiotherapy for scar tissue buildup and live in the Newmarket area, contact us today to learn how we can help.

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